Why save energy?

Reduce energy costs, stay competitive and increase profits?

Energy efficiency in compressed air has become a key issue on every Finance Manager’s and Plant Manager’s agenda.

Since the Kyoto Agreement, made in 1997 where participating nations agreed to reduce their respective gas emissions more and more emphasis is being placed on industry to reduce energy consumption.

Why do you need to monitor your compressed air energy usage?

Operating at a higher pressure than is necessary or operating with a poorly designed, leaking system is now regarded as a major unnecessary cost that has to be reduced and eradicated if possible.

Several studies have shown that the costs for compressed air generation are up to 30% higher than they should be. Furthermore, about 10% of the energy in the industry is used for compressed air generation with an increasing demand. And did you realise that energy costs account for 75% of compressed air generation?

How would you know if your compressor system falls into these statistics? BOGE Energy Saving Solutions can assist you in getting the total picture. Knowledge is power and in this case knowledge can save you power!

Let BOGE estimate your energy savings!


Where can energy savings be created?